We are always looking for amazing high quality, ready to use backing tracks as well as for versatile instrumental songwriters composing according to given requirements for our pop, singer-songwriter, pop-rock or commercial rock productions.

Whether you would like to offer us some of your previous undisclosed works or to ask for the briefing of an upcoming song to submit your customized suggestion, we would love to hear from you!

Please kindly note that we can only consider ready to topline, premium unpublished arrangements which can be assigned exclusively to Intensia Music International in a full rights and ownership extent. 


Thank you so much for your interest in preparing a customized instrumental Demo to one of our upcoming productions. Before sending your request, kindly make sure to have downloaded the NDA here. Once we will receive the confidential agreement signed back, we can provide with the respective detailed briefing. Looking forward to hearing your great suggestions.



Frequently asked questions about Demo submissions
and music service agreements

(Freelance, Remote, Work for Hire, All Genders)

What is a non disclosure agreement? The scope of a confidential agreement is in general to protect the intellectual property of someone or an entity which is sharing important and high confidential material with others. So before disclosing it is important the recipient recognizes those specifications and will not use any specific, clearly leading back crucial parts of the original concept. If someone else would be going to reproduce it, even partially, or to publish it even before the original or using it as basis for their productions, this unfortunately would not be only rude, but could actually mean unsolicited derivate work requiring, besides previous permission also different agreements.

Can you send me the Non Disclosure Agreement again? Of course we could, but just download it here. Please kindly make sure you are filling and signing it with your full and real name as written in your identity card.  Thank you in advance.

Can I work with you without doing any paper work? Due to the required documentation of ownership and full rights transmission as well as to the high confidentiality of the shared material or briefings, it is both mandatory and essential to set down a contract, which is also in your interest with regard to the agreed payment.

Can you explain what happens by asking for a briefing to prepare customized Demo(s)? Your task would be, after the signing of a confidential agreement, to remotely create Demo arrangement suggestions without engagement according to the provided briefings to show us for review.

Will I ever hear from you after submitting? For sure! Thank you for offering us your passionate and dedicated work, we will provide feedback as soon as possible in any case.

Which is the exact scope of work I will have to fulfil as a selected contributor? The previously, contractually agreed scope of work would be: instrumental songwriting according to a provided briefing and further instructions during the process, sound design, studio recordings, all stems both dry and processed, high quality instrumental pre-mix playback.

My work has been chosen, what’s next? Once the project has been approved and you enjoyed the payment offer, we will set an agreement for full ownership and rights transmission including all further important details such as terms of payment and declaration of liability from the service provider. Congratulations, so glad and thankful about your kind contribution. Until the next time!

Which range of remuneration can I expect? Your kind service will be honored depending on the instrumentation and the type of arrangement (a stripped down minimalistic custom composition is a different effort compared to a full band pop-rock, dynamic electro pop or or orchestral touch one for instance). The payment proposal is also depending on the audio quality, which will be checked by the engineer(s) before further processing. If new production or some additional recordings from third party are needed because it is not possible to amend them through the service provider in the necessary quality or given time frame, the offer will change accordingly.

Which are your terms of payment? Your remuneration will be made in EUR, released through PayPal or Bank Transfer after approval of the received industry standard, high quality studio recordings according to the previously agreed scope of work. If you prefer, we can handle the whole remote delivery process and payment also through a trusted curated music production platform.

Do you credit your contributors even under work for hire or buyout? Yes, we do grant official credits whenever possible as co-producer, but you will be allowed to use the song as reference for this accredited position using official streaming sources only (no private files sharing, disclosing or reproducing the material through other means). Any kind of statement, interview or whatever else in this regard needs to be previously agreed and confirmed from us in written form, this would be also part of the following contract.

What if my works will be unfortunately rejected, can I offer the Demo(s) to someone else after your unfavorable notification? Thanks again from the heart for considering working with us! We are sorry that it did not fit. But hopefully the next time! Should we not find a good use for your submission we will inform you promptly, asking you also to confirm the deleting of all provided files and information within 7 days. After that your work can be offered or monetized as you please. Just kindly make sure to never disclose, copy or partially reproduce any detail, as well as creating a too similar concept to the one we previously shared with you. In such a situation, it is obviously very important to avoid any possible correlation leading back to us, especially if your Demo has been prepared according to a specific briefing from Intensia Music International.

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